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Earn While You Learn Referral Income Program

Introducing Chamiontraderacademy Earn while you learn referral Income program. At championtradersacademy when you refer your friends , family members and colleagues to our forex course you become a brand ambassador and start earning referral income while the person you referred to gets discounts on the course.

Lets say Jack introduces 10 friends and each of those friends introduce 10 friends each in total Jack network has 100 friends (10 direct & 90 indirect) .  Jack will earn referral income on the total  network. For eg Let say Jack receives 300$ for every direct referral in this case John plus he receives 90$ from   Jimmy who is his indirect referral . So the total income for 100 friends is 11,100$ . On direct  3000$ (300$ x 10)  and 8100$ (90$ x 90) for indirect referral.  

In today’s day of social network you don’t need money to make money you need followers to make money. Join our  forex course today  by visiting our website  and start earning while you are learning.