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Personal Training With Kishore M
– Ex HedgeFund Manager

Do You Harbor The Desire To Earn Your
Entire Livelihood From The Markets?

Kishore M has been constantly approached for one-on-one Personal Training and finally he has launched the program where participants will be privately coached face to face. It is A Complete Guide to Trading for a Living program.
Kishore M, the Financial industry’s most recognized educator and trader with a certified track record by auditors of Making money has designed a brand new training program specifically designed for traders who harbour the desire to earn their entire livelihood from the markets.
Kishore M will walk the participants through several very specific styles in Forex, Options, Commodities, Index, Equity, CFD that are best suited for what Mr. Kishore calls “Cashflow Income trading.” When the goal is to earn a living from the markets, there are only a small handful of styles that are appropriate.

The is a full one day one on one LIVE Trading coaching program . Participants needs to have a Real Live Forex , CFD and Options account funded and ready to trade and should have attend the 3 day Market Mastery Foundation course before enrolling for this program . After 6-12months of trackrecord participant will have the opportunity to join Kishore M Team of proprietory traders that will trade the firms capital **

Call Now To Register for the program if you have what it takes to become a member of one of the fastest growing proprietary trading teams in the World. Registration is on first come first served basis.