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Champion Traders Academy Programs FAQ’s

What makes ChampionTradersAcademy so special?

First ChampionTradersAcademy Founder is a professional trader, ex portfolio manager, ex hedgefund manager and ex member of major stock exchanges. There is no one more familiar with trading Cryptocurrency, stock, CFD’s, Forex, Index, Commodity, futures or options than him. Who better to learn from than someone who has had years of experience and has traded tens of thousands of trades of cryptos, stock, future, forex, ETF and option contracts? Many participants tell us the opportunity to spend 2 days with the instructors of championtradersacademy is alone worth the cost of the tuition.

Second, you will learn how you can profit, regardless of market conditions. Many people have made money in the bull market conditions, simply because the entire market has gone up and up. But how do you make money in a market that is trending down, stays flat, or is extremely volatile? Conventional wisdom says that if you own stock and the market goes down, you are going to lose money. Our class will teach you how to preserve your profits and protect your portfolio from market downturns. This alone is worth the cost of admission! In addition, you will learn how to profit from adverse market conditions. ChampionTradersAcademy will teach you how to make as much, or more, in markets that move down, stay flat or become extremely volatile. It is imperative to learn how to trade in all four of the market conditions, if you want to be successful long term.

Third, our workshops place a great emphasis on risk-management. So many other programs teach trading strategies that work as long as the market goes your way. But if you are wrong, you will take big losses. Their explanation for losing trades is that you didn’t do enough research. But the reality is that, regardless of the amount of research you have done, a stock can still move against you. Our professional traders will share with you the strategies and procedures they use daily to reduce risk dramatically when entering into a trade and to cut losses when they are wrong. The risk-management strategies alone are worth the price of admission to our workshop.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ChampionTradersAcademy Market Mastery Workshop, provides specific criteria for entering and exiting each trading strategy.

Most of the books, seminars and trading software offered on the market present strategies, but give no specific criteria for entering and exiting them. What good is a strategy if you don’t know which stock or currency to utilize it on or how or when to use it?

ChampionTradersAcademy will provide you with step-by-step criteria, written in a recipe format, which will guide you through the process of executing our strategies.

You will learn how to find candidates for each trade and how to determine those that have the highest probability of success. You will be given specific guidelines to determine when you should enter into a trade or to stay away from it. You will learn which are the best currencies to trade and what strike prices and expiration months to use when trading options. You will learn hedging and Arbitrage strategies. You will be given a step-by-step procedure for entering into each trade and closing it out. Nothing is left to the imagination! All this is designed to put the odds in your favor and give you the highest probability of success on each trade. Even someone who has never traded before can follow the steps we outline, and trade like a pro.

I am interested in trading Cryptos, stocks and currency, why should I attend a class that spends time on Derivatives(Options)?

If you want to learn to reduce your risk in the stock market it is essential that you learn about options or derivatives, as they are sometimes called. Options  are used by professionals to enhance returns on stock investment and as protection against market reversals. It is possible for those who learn how to utilize options to achieve higher returns, using far less capital, at less risk, than those who merely trade stocks.

My securities firm told me that Derivatives , Cryptos and Currency trading is risky and I should stay away from them. Is that true?

The reality is that the proper use of options can take much of the risk out of investing in the stock market! So why do brokers say otherwise? A  brokerage can be required to reimburse a client’s loss if it fails to advise him of the inherent risks in a trade. Furthermore, the average securities firm has little, if any, options training. Many brokers wouldn’t know how – or wouldn’t be permitted by their firms – to place many of the trades taught at the workshop. Naturally such brokers discourage attendance at our workshop for fear of losing clients. The truth is, when you complete ChampionTradersAcademy Workshop you will know more about options, cryptos, CFD’s and currency trading and how to use them than most licensed brokers do!

Conversely, there are many firms who specialize in cryptos, options CFD’s and currency trading and who understand and can place all the trades taught in the workshop. These firms are actively looking for new clients, and approval for cryptos, option, CFD’s and forex trading through them is a relatively simple process.

I have a broker who is discouraging me from attending. Why?

Some brokers’ poor understanding of cryptos, options and forex , or fear of losing clients, may cause them to discourage others from bettering themselves. They fear a relationship with clients who may know more than they do; they worry that they may be asked to execute cryptos , options and forex  trades they would not be competent to handle.

Can’t I get the strategies taught at your workshop out of a book?

If so, why should I pay to attend your workshop? You cannot learn trading by reading a book just like you cannot learn driving by reading a book. No book can provide the real live experience and trading criteria that is required to become a successful trader. ChampionTradersAcademy instructors have years of experience and know the answers to critical questions like:

* What makes a good candidate for each trading strategy?
* What do I look for that would make one candidate better than another?
* How do I select the most advantageous strike price and expiration date?
* How much should I be willing to pay for a particular trade?
* How do I recognize I am about to pay too much?
* What are the proper entrance and exit criteria for each trade?
* How can I tell when to pass, or to go ahead with a trade?
* How do I establish my loss limits and profit goals?
* How much should I be willing to risk in order to make a reasonable return?
* How long should I hold a trade before I take it off for a loss or profit?

I have no previous experience in the stock market or fx or cryptos or option trading. Will I be at a disadvantage?

In many cases, the students who have no previous experience in the stock market or currency or option trading outperform those who have. Most people who have experience will have to “unlearn” or change trading habits, while those who have no previous experience will be learning the right approaches from the beginning. Since you will have no “bad habits” to overcome, your learning curve may be shorter than someone who has experience. All the material is presented in any easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. Also after the workshop our participants can get access to the research we undertake through our alerts in identifying which cryptos, stock, fx & options to trade.

I have attended other programs but I have not understood?

We will ensure that you understand everything and have the confidence to put the strategies into practice. We do this because we have so many participants who have done courses from other investment workshop and have come to attend out course and finally understood trading .

My spouse doesn’t know anything about trading forex, stocks or option. Is there any reason for him/her to attend?

The couples who have taken our course together are among our most successful graduates. Trading together is a wonderful way to consistently make financial decisions together. Many times, one of the partners is analytical, the other more creative. One is afraid to pull the trigger, and the other is too aggressive. Couples have a way of balancing each other out and usually make better trading decisions together than they would independently.

Do I need a lot of money to start trading forex, cfd’s and options?

Absolutely not! You can realistically start with as little as USD$100. How much money you have to trade with is not important. We have many students who have used their last dollar to attend the workshop. Their plan is to learn how to trade, then develop their skill set “paper/demo trading” while saving up to trade with real money. This is a wise approach. If you attempt trading without the risk management strategies taught at the workshop, the likelihood of your losing money is high.

Who are your instructors?

Our Instructors are Professional Traders. Who better to learn from than someone who has devoted almost his entire life to trading. We feel it necessary to utilize the talents of professional traders for the same reasons medical students should learn from doctors. You will learn the proper steps to trading from some of the best professionals in the business!

There are lot of professional instructors claiming they can teach others to trade, how do we know your instructors are speaking the truth?

In our course we do live trading with our participants.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors, good one’s are none, bad one’s are plenty.

How much time do I have to dedicate to trading?

Our trading strategies do not require a lot of time. All in all, one can do quite well dedicating  two to three hours a week to evaluating potential candidates and then a few minutes each day monitoring trades. Some trades taught require very little monitoring. The exact amount of time will vary from person to person, depending on the type and number of trades he initiates.

How long does it take the average person to develop the skill set for trading?

On average, one should expect it to take one to three months to master the skill set.

We recommend the following approach.
* Enrol in the ChampionTradersAcademy  Workshop
* Attend the workshop
* After the workshop, read and study the workshop textbook
* Begin placing “paper” or simulated trades
* Monitor your paper trades and continue until you can prove to yourself that you can be profitable
* Begin placing small trades with real capital
* Increase the number and size of your trades as you become more successful
* Expect it to take 1 to 3 months to develop the skill set.

Can I really trade for a living?

Yes! We have had many students quit their jobs to trade form home. If they can do it, you can too. The only advantage they have is a skill set that you will learn at the workshop. Many others are trading part time to enhance their income (or speed up their retirement date) without having to leave a job they love. This course is specifically designed to help you accomplish either of those goals.

Are ChampionTradersAcademy participants successful in their trades after taking the course ?

We have a lot of successful participants. For testimonials visit our link

Do all of your participants make money trading? Is there a refund of my course?

No. There are some who don’t make. However, in the reported cases of a participant not making money, we find that the reason is that he or she has not done anything after the course or not done enough practice before going live or deviated from, or altered the criteria, we taught. It is imperative that you stick to, not deviate from, the criteria and risk-reward parameters suggested! Our instructors have traded successfully for years, employing the proper trading practices. We cannot guarantee that, as a result of the class, you will be a successful trader anymore than a medical/engineering school can guarantee that all of its students will become good doctors/engineers. All forms of trading and investment carry risk we have this disclaimer on our ad as well as on our website hence we would not want to misrepresent that you will make money for sure. However, for sure we do teach you a skill set that you can use to become very successful. We provide you with the know-how; the rest is up to you! Although we have professional traders teaching you how to trade and we have a lot of participants making money however we don’t guarantee you will make money so if you make a decision to join our course which is at your own will and risk since there is no obligation then there will be no refund after course completion  similar to no  Medical/Engineering school will refund the fees once you have completed the course.

What will I have at the end of the Workshop?

You will have participated in an intense and rewarding days of educating yourself in learning how to trade cryptos, currency, stock and options. During those days, you will have been given a step-by-step text to take home with you containing all of our criteria. You will have a skill set that no one will ever be able to take away form you. Many people spend four to five years and tens of thousands of dollars to attend college, and graduate with no practical knowledge to show for it. This class is designed to give you a skill that can be implemented in the real world. We call this live skills.

Do you provide Support after the Workshop to your Graduates?

We provide life long support to our graduates for FREE.

Isn’t the cost of this Workshop little high?

Our instructors are professionals! they spend years to develop the skill set taught at ChampionTradersAcademy Workshops. It cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad trades or lost profits to develop their skill set through trial and error. They are obviously not going to give away this skill set for nothing. But what they will do is give you the opportunity to learn this skill set for less than the cost of one bad trade. You will leave the workshop with a skill that you can use for the rest of your life!

Can I really do this from home?

Absolutely! Since the advent of internet, real-time quotes, on-line broking, mobile phone and news services, etc., many of the advantages previously reserved for exchange members are available to everyone.

Do we need to buy a technical software after the course?

No. All you need is a laptop. Some of the investment education company will require their participants to buy a technical software after the course. We would not advise you to buy any technical software when you could get it for free. At ChampionTradersAcademy we will be offering free software websites where you can get the desired charting data for both stocks, cryptos and forex. We would not want our participants to pay for something they can get it for free.

What if I want to do one-on-one personal training live trading coaching with kishore M?

Kishore M has been constantly approached for one-on-one Personal Training and finally he has launched the program where participants will be privately coached face to face. The is a full one day one on one LIVE Trading coaching program . Participants needs to have a Real Live Forex, CFD, Cryptos and Options account funded and ready to trade and should have attend the 2 day Market Mastery Trading course before enrolling for this program. For more details visit this link

What if I have further questions that need answering before the course?

Simply email our office and let them know that you have a question. Our program manager will be more than happy to assist you.
Email: or simply visit our website